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There are many benefits to buying a Novoclimat home

Increased comfort, substantial energy savings, and healthier indoor air are some of the many

Healthier indoor air

The Novoclimat program only installs units whose performance has been verified by laboratory testing. These ventilation systems eject surplus moisture, odours and contaminants directly outside.

High performance heating system

Whether your home is heated by electricity, natural gas, fuel oil or propane, Novoclimat encourages the installation of efficient heating appliances that offer maximum comfort. Only high performance equipment is accepted.

To improve air quality, avoid health problems and excess humidity, make sure that there is controlled ventilation and a fresh air intake in the main rooms of the house. The type of equipment selected and the qualifications of the tradesmen doing the installation are also important factors to consider.

Important recommendation

Hiring the services of a Novoclimat-certified ventilation specialist can ensure that the installation meets Novoclimat requirements. These specialists have followed traning courses to install this type of system according to the specific critera of the Novoclimat program.


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