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 There is a wide variety of air conditioning units, and choosing the right one is no easy task. Contact our representatives to find out which one is best for you. Come visit our showroom.

Wall air conditioning unit and heat pump

If your house is heated with electric baseboard heaters or hot water, you certainly do not have an air distribution system. If such is the case, the best way to cool your home without carrying out major renovation work is to purchase one of our wall air conditioning units or a heat pump which can also provide heating in colder weather.

Trane 27 seer     

Central air conditioning unit

If your forced-air furnace is already equipped with an air distribution system, why not use the same ducts to keep your house cool during the hot season? In addition to distributing air throughout your home, this system is quieter than wall units.

  Climatiseur XC 14  
  A/C Trane XR16 A/C Trane  

Central Heat-pump


Purchasing a central heat pump is really the best solution that will bring you comfort and health while saving money. A heat pump can provide heating and cooling all year round for your home, at a low cost.

Thermopompe XP 13  
Trane XL18I 2 stage heat pump Heat-pump Trane XV20I Heat pump Trane XR15  



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