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Choosing the right heating system

There are many options to be considered when it comes to choosing a residential heating system. Energy consumption by heating units accounts for about 60% of energy consumption in your home. Therefore, it is important to choose a system that will provide maximum comfort since the chosen option will serve for many years. Whether you are looking for a gas or electric furnace or, a heat pump to provide auxiliary heating, we always have the best product for you.

Electric furnace

Clean, quiet and efficient units provide electrically controlled comfort throughout your cottage, home or office.

Electric furnaces offer numerous advantages. They can be installed almost anywhere. No chimney is required so 100% of the heat produced stays inside the building. They are generally clean, silent, cost efficient and produce no soot or smoke.

Fournaise Lennox CBX32MV For conversions to electricity or dual energy
Air Handler Ouellet TAM8 Plenum Heater Thermolec


Gas furnace

Gas furnaces are designed for maximum comfort and to quickly reach the desired temperature, while keeping sound and dust to a minimum.

Gas furnace Trane modulated    XV95 Trane 2 stage ECm XT95 Trane 1 stage ECM


Electric boilers

Our Thermo 2000 high-efficiency electric boilers deliver outstanding comfort. The most advanced hydronic heating system on the market.

Chaudière électrique


Central heat pump

The owner of a home equipped with a central forced air heating system (furnace) can choose between two systems: a central air conditioning unit that cools only or a heat pump which is essentially an air conditioning unit that can both heat and cool a house. Buying a central heat pump will bring you outstanding and greater comfort. This is a most interesting choice because in heating mode you can save up to 15 and 20% on your annual heating bill. This system will provide year-round heating and cooling

Thermopompe XP 13  
XL18i 2 stage Heat Pump XV20I Trane  Trane heat pump XR15  


Wall mounted heat pump

If your home is equipped with electric baseboard heating, what you need is a wall mounted heat pump.

Heat pump is the ideal auxiliary heating system. It cools it in the summer and it heats your house in the winter down to -12ºC.

See our different models under “Air Conditioning”. 


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