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A dehumidifier is typically a household appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air inside the homes. A dehumidifier is generally used to prevent humidity problems such as condensation on windows and high relative humidity that brings discomfort. You can also use a humidifier to keep your basement dry.




Air purifier

It has been demonstrated that poor indoor air quality may lead to more asthma and allergy cases. This is why we highly recommend the Epurair MA-1 HEPA air purifier which eliminates 99.97% of all airborne dust particles and allergens present in your home.


Purificateur d'air


Filtration system

The air purifier provides complete interior air filtration and is designed to work with your heating and air conditioning systems. It is easy to install on supply ducts and delivers better air quality in every room, capturing particles and other irritants.




Ventilation duct installation

In addition to the obligation to install a system capable of replacing the total volume of air in the house once every 3 hours, fresh air must also be delivered into each room of the living quarters by means of ducts. Rigid conduits provide better performance, and are also easy to clean and balance. We can also advise you about the proper ventilation system for your home.


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